Rachel Wingate

Unknown stories and imagined narratives are central to Rachel Wingate's practice, and there are no concrete answers to why the pieces look like they do. Rachel can offer interpretations however it’s up to the individual to take away their own message. Creepy or comforting, lifting someone up or pulling them down, it’s a thin line that intrigues and inspires, much like how long you can look at a person for before it’s impolite and invasive. With the rise of social media and camera phones creating open access to everyones lives people seem closer whereas really they are further away. The tactility of printmaking, the handmade process and how you have to see the work in the flesh to fully appreciate works against this, much like having to consider other people and their lives rather than getting lost in our own. Rachel's aim is for those that see her work to reevaluate the magic of ordinary people, to isolate them from their surroundings and find the beauty in their potential.