Radek Husak

Rad Husak is inherently a process-driven artist. Through intensive research and experimentation, Husak has come to hew out his own process - defining the technique of the pigment transfer twinned with carbon-drawn elements, on sandblasted aluminium, often utilising the alternative photographic technique of the cyanotype.

In his work, Husak is attempting to bring order into a world that feels chaotic; beauty where there is ugliness. Taking the humble material of aluminium, he transforms it into something which sparkles akin to stardust. Blasting through the outer layers of the metal, he reveals the reflective inner - heightening what was utilitarian and creating a sensation of something which is greater than oneself. Husak is scratching at the divine in order that we are able to transcend ourselves, creating a moment of wonder.

Whether expressed through figurative or abstract tonal imagery, cyanotype, print or sandblasted aluminium; Rad Husak is an artist with a diverse practice and interminable energy. His work is sensitive, seductive and multi-layered; highlighting the beauty of the male form. Husak’s work brings us a platform for both redemption and meditation - the chance to be held within a sublime moment in a dance, as forms both collide and intertwine.