Ralph Overill

Ralph Overill’s practice explores the margins of cinema and memory, employing printmaking and moving image processes to destabilise imagery recalled from his upbringing in the edgelands of Essex. The work combines the unreal of cinema - through remembered sci-fi and horror films - with the risk and adventure of the hinterland, captured from Ralph’s recorded skateboarding expeditions. These monsters and margins merge onto fabric, emulating degraded celluloid and the threads that weave memories and dreams together. The results hope to evoke a flux between the escapism of imagination and the haunting melancholy of mechanical reproduction.

Ralph studies on the Professional Doctorate in Fine Art programme at the University of East London and works as a printmaking technician at Havering College of Further and Higher Education. His prints have been awarded the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize in 2011, the Curwen Studio Prize in 2012 and Art in Print Journal’s Prix de Print in 2017.