Ray Richardson

Ray Richardson is a British painter born in Woolwich in 1964. He graduated from St Martins School of Art in 1984 and Goldsmiths in 1987. He has lived and worked in Paris, Brussels, Chicago and Connecticut. He currently lives and works in Woolwich.

Having been a fellow student at Goldsmiths of Damien Hirst, Ray is the first to admit that his kind of narrative figuration goes against current and past trends in British Art. Yet in spite of this, his swimming against the tide has created an audience and strong demand for his work, both in UK and overseas.

From the observations of others and his own life on his travels, his memories of childhood, his love of soul and jazz, books and film, Ray Richardson gives us a canvas to be able to imagine the multiple stories of others and our own. Like the lyrics of the classic soul tune Memphis Soul Stew (the soundtrack tune to his childhood in Woolwich Dockyard in the 70s) you have to carefully blend all the instrumental ingredients to get the stew right. So in truth this is the story in the work of Ray Richardson; the various influences and ingredients that make up the whole mix and the edit and the cut; just beat well.

Over the years Ray’s screenprints, etchings and relief prints have been published by Advanced Graphics, Glasgow Print Studio, Hole Editions, Ben Oakley Gallery and recently co-published with Thames-Side Print Studio and Paul Stolper Gallery.