Rod Nelson

Rod Nelson is a woodblock printmaker and teacher living in South Gloucestershire and has made prints most of his life. He finds that the balance between art and craft that is inherent in printmaking is a major stimulation to invention and playful creativity.

His understanding of woodblock print comes from an immersion in the work of other great artists in this medium. His initial inspiration was the work of Shiko Munakata, which was a revelation.

His current interest is in the depiction of flow and energy…of which waves and waterfalls are but one aspect. In order to develop a visual vocabulary for this challenge, Rod has developed new methods of working which allow both freedom and control in the making of the blocks: he does not believe that digital methods of cutting blocks can compete with hand and eye in yielding dynamically satisfying results.

As well as having work in exhibitions around the country, Rod’s work has been shown at the Royal Academy in London, in New York, in Shanghai, in southern Germany and at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA). He is co-author (with Merlyn Chesterman RE) of the book ‘Making Woodblock Prints’, published by Crowood Press.