Rose Harris

Rose Electra Harris (b.1991) is a London-based artist working predominantly as a printmaker, mostly in etching and screen-printing. She completed her BA Hons in Printmaking at Brighton University in 2015 and now works in her studio in Peckham.

Rose uses her work to explore the interior, creating dreamlike, surreal and vibrant interpretations of domestic spaces. To her, a room is an oasis and the things within it are what bring it to life. She reimagines the colourful dialogue that exists between space and furnishings, returning to certain imagery – chandeliers, lemon squeezers or freestanding baths – in her scenes, which make use of a singularly distorted perspective.

She uses decorative motifs, exotic hues, intricate patterns and rich textures throughout her work. All of her pieces start life as drawings. Like most artists, Rose learned to draw before she learned to print, and although the majority of her work centres around the craft of printmaking, she feels drawn to ink and pastel.

Rose has spent the last few months living in Mexico City where she created prints inspired by Mexican culture and architecture, as well as creating large scale drawings focusing on the relationship been the interior and exterior.