Ruairi Fallon Mc Guigan

Ruairi Fallon is a Belfast born London based artist primarily working in Reduction Woodcuts and Installation. Ruairi’s current works are engaged with the London housing crisis, rising rent prices and alternative living. The work often takes an autobiographical viewpoint on broader socio-political subjects. Having sought out affordable alternatives to renting with the intention of allowing himself time to develop his artistic practice. Currently living in a caravan in London Bridge his experiences have created a hyperawareness of the luxury of seemingly everyday facilities. The act of building functional spaces and the architectural and domestic freedoms that comes with this is evident in the construction of space in his 2D works. Combining memories, architectural designs and photographic reference, spaces are constructed and distorted in order to convey insight into this experience. Objects and plants in various states of solidity suggest a transience to the existence. Exuding a colourful optimism in the celebration of taboos around not working, claiming back one's time and rejecting the status quo and the price tag that accompanies it. His works are a sculptural endeavour in themselves, often becoming a record of spaces and experiences that existed on a temporary basis, before inevitably being deconstructed and moved.