Samantha Cary

As a painter and printmaker Cary’s starting point is giddy excitement and surprise at the visual world.

“My practice is concerned with taking this excitement and drawing it out through the visceral games of the media and the subtle, tenuous poetic connections of the content.  I am moved and motivated by the gentle but insistent power of images to suggest meaning, narrative, psychological and emotional states.”
Cary describes approaching screen printing in a painterly way, thinking about layers more than separations, colours layered transparent or opaque on top of each showing through and reacting often in unexpected ways.

“I delight in the delicious graphic flatness of the ink pushed through a screen.”

In recent works, light sources keep appearing: lamps, streetlights, car lights, the moon and stars. The lampposts, rooftops, houses and streets are from the artist’s own neighbourhood in the suburbs. In grandiose terms Cary sees the theme of suburbia as identifiable with a larger theme of human kind - tragic, comic, noble, ridiculous, ultimately a very modest daily struggle with the immense entropic chaos of the universe!