Samuel Knowles

A Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University, Samuel Knowles continues to live and work in the dynamic city, with work regularly featured in galleries across the UK and in art fairs in Bristol and London.

In his work, the hand carved marks of the lino are deliberately offset by the clean space of the surrounding paper, which is integral to the finished piece. Although devoid of printed elements, this space is not empty as it becomes loaded as a home for the characters to inhabit, be it a jungle, ocean or left to the viewer’s interpretation. The resulting imagery is handcrafted but minimal and graphic in impression.

"I enjoy the physical process of cutting the lino and my work is all hand printed using the handle of one of my cutting tools."

He is fascinated by nature and animals and actively campaigns for animal rights. He has volunteered for the Wildlife Trust and once spent three months helping to track wolves in the forests of Poland."

These sentiments and experiences inform Samuel's printmaking and are often embedded in my styling and positioning of animals within their environment.