Sarah Frances

Frances' exhibiting prints relate to a series of collage works made from photographic images taken in Bratislava and Vienna.

Some of the images were accidental and some were deliberately out of focus, taken with an analogue camera. They were intended for artist books but, dissatisfied with the result, the artist dismantled them and instead made a series of collages, tearing up and reassembling the images.

This process intensified the resonance of the pictures leading into a further process whereby she copied them on to polyester-plate and produced a series of lithographs, a process which allowed for further disintegration of the image. Working in this way, the multi-layered images become an exploration (and metaphor) of the process of memory and experience.

The narrative captures her interest in how culture evolves, particularly in Eastern Europe, and she incorporates photographs of some of the Communist era buildings still in use or adapted for tourists.