Shara Vilagi

Shara Vilagi’s work deals with the interaction between light and water. As well as the effects that occur upon the surfaces which they come in contact with. It is an exploratory process of the dynamic interaction between the two.

Light has the ability to transform what is already there, bringing forth life and movement, which alters the appearance of what is. Light plays with the depth and fluidity within the layers of water. As light pushes through the depths, it has the ability to enhance details that would normally be left unnoticed. Light displays a strong visual perception, magnifying every aspect captured in each particular moment.

Water, like light has its own capacity to amplify the surfaces that it interacts with. The human body is greatly affected by water, both internally and externally. Shara’s work is an observation, of the interaction water has with the surface of the body’s natural curvatures, muscle definition, and defining shadows that are created as water dances over the skin.