Sharon Lindenfeld

Sharon Lindenfeld makes large-scale etchings of dreamlike spaces. Beginning by enlarging small moments from one piece to form the basis of another, she aims to find the big in the small, regarding this as a metaphor fro daydreaming.

Lindenfeld selects small details, scans and alters them digitally, enlarges them onto etching or lithographic plates, etches and re-etches, scrapes away, builds back and reshapes them. She changes the images over many iterations, allowing for landscapes to emerge and transform, alternating between letting the space reveal itself and authoritatively shaping it. 

In the end, the resulting pieces no longer reflect their original sources. They depict abstracted, emotional and ambiguous landscapes peopled with strange figures, objects and architectural elements. They convey emotions open to interpretation: sadness, contemplation, awe, calm, solitude, hope, or a sense of searching.