Sisetta Zappone

Sisetta Zappone is an Italian printmaker based in London. She graduated in painting and specialised in traditional printmaking in Florence Fine art Academy. She is passionate about etching and engraving in all their variations. Her work is strongly based on drawing and figuration and she is influenced by Jungian Archetypes’ theory and ancient iconography. 

Sisetta’s prints are detailed and by her own admission obsessive. Subjects disclose a dense imagery of both the painful and the humorous; animals which seem ferocious are often depicted pathetic or impotent; a dark but funny view of our inner lives. From a meticulous observation of reality, she expresses her personal fascinations through a dictionary of shapes that find their origins in the first millennium.

She has work in many public and private collections, including the Italian National Print Collection, Florence Natural History Museum and the V&A.

She regularly exhibits at art fairs, curated group shows and selected artist’s events in London, Italy and Mexico.

Sisetta creates her prints at Thames-Side Print Studio where she also teaches specialist etching courses.