Sofia Sacomani

Sofia Sacomani (b. 1990) is an argentine visual artist based in London who has recently won the 2019 award by The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. She graduated from University of Buenos Aires with a BA in Design and is currently finishing her MA Visual Arts Printmaking studies at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL.

Her combined practice of film photography and screen print is heavily process based, and strives to challenge commonplace photographic techniques through forms of image deconstruction and the dissemination of unforeseen narratives and interpretations. Approaching image making in a playful and experimental way, her practice constantly looks for ways to blur the boundaries between photography and other mediums.

Sofia's curiosities lie in working with traditional techniques in seemingly unconventional ways and seeing how they react upon various surfaces. The relationship between chance effect and error, the role of memory and perception constitute the basis of her research.