Stephanie Draper

Stephanie was brought up wandering the woods and holidaying in the English countryside. Her strong sense of nature and place developed further as she designs big change projects that address social and environmental issues. In her printmaking she uses drypoint etching to create maps of the wild and significant places she visits. She is interested in the contradictions between the wildness of landscapes and the formality and function of the maps we use to represent them. Together they provide the foundations, energy, disruption and patterns that shape our world and how we impact it.

Her current work are mainly maps of Alaska and the Yukon - the wildest places she has ever been, but depicted simply with black, indigo and gold. She is fascinated with the way big global concerns manifest in specific places. River Piracy, for example, is impacting the water courses of the Yukon. As a glacier shrinks it can change the way rivers flow which starves a landscape of vital water sources, impacting the communities that draw on them. Her examination of these places through her art deepens her understanding and hopefully brings beauty to the viewer.