Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright has painted in oils and acrylics since early childhood, but after drastic luggage restrictions were introduced following 9/11, making life for a frequent-traveller artist more complicated, he has painted almost exclusively on his laptop. Therefore he feels his works must be printed as a monotype or as edition of 2-5.

“I’ve travelled widely in the Middle-East and Asia over the past 40 years and much of my work is informed by Arab and Iranian works in textiles, wood, mosaic, ceramic, metal and stone (in which repeated symbols and patterns take on a life of their own), as well as the philosophy and writing of polymaths such as Rumi.
Just as regular, static patterns in black and white deceive our eyes and brains into believing that we are seeing movement and colour, so our perceptions of the world and people often bear little relationship to objective reality. 

If we can’t trust our own senses, then why do we so often seem uncritically prepared to trust the interpretations of the world offered by politicians and the mass media, when they are frequently skewed by the desire, for political or commercial gain, to control our thoughts and actions through insecurity and fear?”