Suman Gujral

Suman Gujral graduated with distinction in 2018 with a Master's degree specialising in printmaking. She started the MA interested in reconnecting with her Indian heritage. This led to research into the history of printmaking in India and a realisation of the impact of the 1947 Partition of India on all aspects of life on the subcontinent. Conversations with her mother revealed buried memories of her experience of Partition and its effects on her family. Understanding the reverberations of Partition on her own history led to exploring other stories from the diaspora, prompting a broader consideration of the effects of personal, local and global traumas.

The subjects she addresses in her practice are sometimes painful to think about, however, she essentially optimistic about the future, believing that artists can be agents for change by asking questions and raising awareness of issues through their work. Underlying her work is the idea that the light and shadow both play an important role in our appreciation of life. Her work meditates on joy, sorrow and human resilience.