Susie Hamilton

Susie Hamilton makes small, spontaneous drawings and watercolours, which are worked and re-worked in the studio, honing in on particular characters, colours and compositions. In Hamilton’s work, the emphasis is on the figure in wilderness. The wilderness can be either a forest or the glaring aisles of a mall or superstore, but the artist uses both as an area for transformation, where the figure becomes abstracted and mutated, tipping into something unfamiliar.  The artist concentrates on shape, and with thin veils of oil paint, she combines solid forms in a quick and spontaneous way.  There is a figurative presence but Hamilton’s shapes are not obvious and they border on the abstract.

Hamilton’s work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally, including Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Paul Stolper, London, A22 Projects, London, Galleri Trafo, Oslo, The Royal Academy, London, among many others. 

Courtesy of Paul Stolper