Tanaka Mazivanhanga

The essence of Tanaka Mazivanhanga’s practice centres around preserving memories of spaces and surfaces that one day may be lost is the essence of her practice. She documents the surfaces, textures, marks and fragments of overlooked and forgotten relics of the urban landscape. Her work aims to draw out the details of the mundane and the everyday; to bring to the observer details and aspects they would not have previously acknowledged due to an automated familiarity. Her work aims to evoke curiosity from the viewer by urging them slow down from their everyday lives, in order to think about things they otherwise do not engage with or think about their familiar in a new way. Rather than describing spaces, she challenges their perception by presenting them in an unfamiliar way, explored through her three main areas of focus - printmaking, casting and object making. Printmaking focuses on exploring, linking and the layering marks into pieces which give the viewer an insight into the importance of site and place. Casting and object making using found carpets, focuses on exploring materiality and producing physical objects which translate the prints and drawings.