Teresa Schippel Hales

Teresa is a 2D fine artist, predominently focussing on printing, painting and photography.

She is fascinated by the many and various processes and tactile qualities involved in etching and printing, from the relative simplicity of a linocut or screenprint created at the kitchen table, to more sophisticated methods requiring more specialist materials and equipment.

Starting with photographs, Teresa takes inspiration from nature: the interplay of sunlight; the formation of shadows & silhouettes, and reflections in water: from puddles to the sea. And the sky; clouds, dramatic and threatening, or light and insubstantial, creating a unique and limitless visual theatre. Other work takes inspiration from functional, man-made objects, beauty in the mundane; padlocks, keys, tools, bikes, books and tables & chairs. She is not solely attracted by the forms and texture of the objects themselves, but in the relationship between positive & negative, by their compositional qualities.

Teresa has exhibited in numerous group shows and solo shows, both in her own studio, her home and various venues around London. She has shown and sold work in diverse venues such as the old Aldwych underground station, Shepherd Market and on a Dutch barge moored at Little Venice.