Thomas Parkhouse

Having graduated from The Slade in 2017, Parkhouse was awarded both the Anthony Dawson Print Prize and the Max Werner Drawing Prize and has continued printing at Artichoke studios in Brixton, while working on plates in his bedroom.

Much of the artist’s subject matter is inspired by books and poems, using his own illustrations of text as a starting point. The slow process then allows these ideas to stretch and change until the illustration itself is no longer central.

Parkhouse views the process as a human activity, like walking. Something that you choose to do if you want to get into it. It’s capable of being very tedious and very dead, like reading an instruction manual. But it’s also capable of being challenging, life affirming, mind blowing, if you have a dynamic, critical relationship with it.

He considers a huge amount of contemporary art to be far too big, so generally works on plates that can fit in his pocket.