Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis prints are part of an on-going investigation where found imagery is manipulated and deconstructed to form new narratives and symbols. These particular works are drawn directly onto vintage photographs. The shapes and patterns mask the original identities of the characters, creating a new culture or society. The original drawings are scanned to a high resolution and printed digitally onto cartridge paper.

Ellis art practise examines the process where by art and craft objects from one culture come into close contact with another. This coming together leads to an exchange in value and shift in meaning. He conducts in-depth research into cultural products, how they are made, used and displayed. Sometimes using found objects and other times abstracting from pre-existing designs, these are transformed to form totemic drawings, prints, sculptures and paintings. The material decisions and finishing given to the works suggest a utility, beyond that of their original function.

Whether displayed singularly or grouped in an installation the strategies employed in staging and framing the works allow them to appear as ready-mades. The intention is to seamlessly weave together historical fact and invention allowing an engagement with notions of symbolism, narrative, artifact and artifice.