Tim Southall

 For many years, the focus of Tim’s work was in the printmaking tradition of the narrative; figures engaged in telling a story. With a move from London to the Costa de la Luz in southern Spain, he soon became absorbed in his new environment. With its sparkling coastal light, which has long been a magnet for artists, he began to develop a growing interest in expressing himself through the landscape. It is in the landscape that he makes drawings before going into the studio to create pieces of work which are a distillation of these ideas rather than directly representational pieces. It is also through the landscape that he develops narratives and in turn attempts to convey a sense of something universal while at the same time making work that is intrinsically personal. There is also a strong interest in the process: how the image is made. Each image is gradually built up, layer after layer, adding depth and richness. The outcome of this process is not always an immediate success as there is an element of the unknown, but for Tim perseverance is usually the printmakers friend.