Tim Southall

Tim Southall is a Painter & Printmaker working in etching, monotype, silkscreen and oil on canvas. Most of his work is made between his studio in southern Spain, the London Print studio and at Birmingham Printmakers.

His is a distillation of ideas and interests built up and moulded into shape over many years. As such, he explore a range of subjects that are familiar and strive to find something new and interesting to say about them. His instinctive and emotional approach to his work, allows him to make images that are a direct response to a time, a place or a spirit.

A love of narrative, character, landscape and atmosphere provide the springboard for many of Tim's themes, and he uses traditional processes, techniques and materials at the printmaker’s hand to interpret these ideas.

Tim is a member of the Printmakers Council, Birmigham Printmakers and East London Printmakers and persues an active exhibition programme both in the UK and internationally