Tonda Kinoko

Tonda Kinoko – (actually Antoni Grzybek, born 1971) photographer, Veejay (visual Dj) and graphic designer - visual artist, in general. He works at Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn (Poland) as New Media Aesthetic lecturer and teacher of classic and experimental animation. He finished his post-doctoral degree at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015.

His artistic output counts over 70 individual and collective exhibitions, para-theatrical performances and artistic actions at home and abroad (from Heidelberg to Phnom Penh). He collaborates with many Polish and foreign cultural institutions in designing video and veejaing elements for their stages.

Last year (!) He stepped down to the basement and started to create visual representations from scientific problems by linocut prints. The actual linocut serie is characterised by a strongly boundless freedom of expression through language of graphic techniques: most positively comprehended scientific neurotism in references to cosmological and physical constants on one hand, and on other hand, to physological and sociological questions of human being.