Veta Gorner

 Veta’s work has always been concerned with the human condition, inside out. Looking at the world the only way possible for us – as a human - she shows fascination with the ways we perceive, learn and create abstract concepts and endeavour to communicate with each other through the limited physical means and matter available.

For this year’s WCPF Veta invites viewers to immerse themselves in thinking about how and why humans relate to each other. “Age of Loneliness” is conceived as an enclosed space overlaid on the inside by a large number of unique silkscreens that differ in appearances but united by the same recognisable outline of a human. It is a space somewhere between one of solitude and a sensory overload.

A series of etchings that accompany the installation is a meditation on the fluidness, complexity and possibly a delusion of superiority of the human nature.