Victoria Ahrens

Contested histories, auratic translations. I work with photo etchings created in situ and video projections of places that hold a multitude of historical, personal and political narratives. My photographic and print interventions explore the interstices between historic and contemporary processes to create print editions and installations pieces that explore our relationship to the disappearing landscape. These are spaces where myth, history and memory collide and which we mostly encounter through a screen. By reimagining these spaces in print, a new narrative can emerge that challenges the limits of the viewed surface.

I am searching for a visual resonance and the enactment of the hand-made, which printmaking allows for: a space where touch and ‘noise’, the hand made and hand coloured, feature as a resistance and response to discourses of historical amnesia, the anthropocene and the accelerated viewing of the digital age. In this way I use entropic marks, coloured pencils and book covers to subtly transform the photograph into more ambiguous forms. By exposing and developing photo etching plates in situ, process and place converge, as geological or archaeological palimpsests, imbuing the subsequent prints with the dna of the place in which they were created..