Virginia Bridge

Virginia Bridge is a Bristol based artist, specialising in printmaking. Her geometric abstract prints exploit the potential of intaglio and relief processes to create images that are bold, striking and intriguing.

Virginia is interested in the aesthetic power of images and their capacity to affect us in ways beyond or beneath the conscious. The interplay of physical (visual) experiences with our cognitive processes enables means of communication outside the limits of signification or representation. The aim is that people will experience or 'feel' the work, without searching for a literal or representational reference; that the image itself will evoke a strong response, whether that be pleasure, joy, satisfaction or discomfort.

Through the arrangement of forms and lines, and the harmonious or disharmonious juxtaposition of colours, the focus is on creating a sense of compositional balance or imbalance, of tension or calm, of movement or stasis.

1901-1911 is a body of work exploring themes of contradiction and dissonance. The strong, simple but powerful geometric forms are softened by the subtle addition of complex, raised grid patterns as well as the gentle surface tones created by the etched copper surface in the negative spaces.