Virginia Bridge

A Bristol based artist, specialising in printmaking, Virginia Bridge’s geometric abstract prints exploit the potential of intaglio and relief processes to create images that are bold, striking and intriguing.

Her interest lies in the aesthetic power of images and their capacity to affect the viewer in ways beyond, or beneath, the conscious.  The interplay of physical (visual) experiences with the human cognitive process enables a communication outside the limits of signification or representation. 

“My aim is that people will experience or 'feel' my work, without searching for a literal or representational reference; that the image itself will evoke a response.”

Bridge draws influence from mid-twentieth century artists, such as Ben Nicholson, Jean Arp, Ellsworth Kelly and Joseph Albers, whose geometric abstractions focussed on the spectator's experience of colour., line and shape without referencing any external aspect of the world.  Geometric shapes are the primary material for the artist, derived from the surrounding structures, both natural and human made, but without association to a specific place or object.  The making is intuitive; a spontaneous process that takes place in the studio. 

“It can be a joyful process or an immensely frustrating struggle, as I work to 'resolve' a composition.”