Will Clarke

Will Clarke’s illustrated prints of architectural landmarks are immediately recognisable. Born and raised in London, Will remains passionate about the changing nature of the urban landscape. With a love for iconic architecture, he has a particular interest in buildings with historical resonance and character. The illustration he created inspired him to undertake a series of architectural drawings, and he has been fascinated by architecture and the urban landscape ever since.

Screen-printing, more than any other technique, gives Will the precision and control he needs to reproduce his very detailed line drawings. To this detail he likes to add bright blocks of colour and an element of abstraction – none of his drawings are exact renderings of what he sees – in order to produce urban scenes that are unique to his style. All of his original works are hand-drawn, then each edition screen-printed by Will in his studio.

Most recently Will has been granted access to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew. He has begun to create a range of complex screen prints based on the Victorian glasshouses at Kew. This project has enabled him to develop new work using multiple layers of print and to consider the our relationship to nature.