Will Clarke

Will Clarke is a London based artist working in mixed media painting and print, with an MA in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Art.

At the moment my work is centred around the alteration and re-appropriation of found footage (35mm slides, photographs,and 8mm cine film). I work into the media with household cleaning chemicals and then scan digitally. I then print the images on a range of coated papers using inkjet pigment printing.

I work with hundreds of images, working with this abundance allows me to freely experiment to move away from conventional mark making, break rules and find new ground.

The chemicals allow me to have control of the elasticity of the image and wake the dormant properties in the emulsions, each slide or photograph has powerful potential to show us something else.

The digital scanning side of the process consolidates and records the results which often deteriorates, the Giclée inkjet pigment print immortalizes this - the chaotic, toxic, abstract nature of the image is tamed and made presentable, offering sublime aesthetic pleasure.

I try and create ambitious, progressive and visually poetic work that acknowledges creative theory and historical art discourse, but also functions as an accessible, affordable artefact.