William Jones

William Jones is from Woolwich, London. Jones studied Sound & Music production at Reigate School of Art and Solent University. With an informal training in visual arts, he records, produces, draws, photographs, prints, and collaborates with other artists from different fields.

“My inspiration comes from the endless ways to interpret the human body and what each person can bring to their own interpretation, using as little as a pencil and paper. My creative inspiration comes from Roman Hellenistic and Roman Mannerism to Bill Callahan and Hiroshi Yoshimura.”

For Jones, printing becomes an extension of drawing, where he has always been drawn to simplicity.

“I have high respect for the long-established craftsmanship of printmaking; I understand the power of time. Yet I will never say no to a chance to understand new aspects of being creative.”

Jones began drawing and printmaking in 2016 and was selected for a Young persons group show hosted by the ICA in 2018.