William Jones

Jones studied Sound & Music production at Reigate School of Art and Southampton Solent University. He works across a variety of media, including pencil, print, and photography, and is also involved in the recording and and production of musical artists from London.

Jones's inspiration comes from the endless ways in which different people interpret the human body, despite sharing the same medium and circumstance.

His artistic process is influenced by the sculptural forms explored in Roman Hellenism and Mannerism, and he is drawn to the artistic approaches of musicians Bill Callahan and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

The works on display explore the human form through line, with varying levels of abstraction and minimalism. The often chaotic lines drawn on paper in the moment were distilled into clean lines to reveal the essential human forms.

For Jones, printing is an extension of his drawing, being the natural process for creating simple and reproducible forms. William exhibits respect for the long-established craftsmanship of printmaking, yet is interested in bringing a contemporary and new approach to the age-old process.

Jones has recently exhibited works in the ICA and the Barbican Centre.