William Wyld

 These etchings are part of a long term project studying displayed skeletons at museums as well as collected specimens reconstructed at the studio. All of these species are either endangered or at risk of extinction due to human activity; we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction event. These images may end up as a record of a more bio-diverse past, and we will wonder that animals as various and remarkable as these once lived and breathed.

There is a tension between the flowing movement inherent in these structures and the stillness of the objects, suspended out of reach by wires from the ceiling or glued together in the dry air of a glass case. The stories told by museums are shaped by these physical boundaries, and by our growing distance in time from the lives of the animals. Every print is based on a closely observed drawing, but there is a conflict between the desire for accurate representation and the unpredictable nature of working into a steel plate. The printmaking process introduces layers of separation which speak of the nature of memory, and the uncertain future of these animals.