Tim Mitchell creates works that reflect his love of the natural environment.

He takes the wildlife he observes in his day to day life and creates aquatint etchings starting with finely detailed etchings on zinc, copper or aluminium plates. He then uses an aquatint to create tonal values and often finishes with spit-bite to create atmospheric quality to his prints.

Tim Mitchells prints exhibited here reflect the wildlife he has closely observed through lockdown from his daily walk from Greenwich to his studio at Thames side studios in Woolwich, which takes him past the North Greenwich Ecology Park and along the Thames path. This area has many bird species present year round, from the seasonal migratory to those who have made the Thames their home. He spends much time closely observing, sketching and photographing this wildlife before beginning work on his etchings.

Tim is a member of the Greenwich Print Makers Association located in Greenwich Market. He has also recently been accepted into the Southbank Print-makers Association. He is based in southeast London and prints at the Thames-side print studio in Woolwich.