April Wilson’s work explores the interplay between the evolving patterns of moving water, and the pathways the Koi create whilst swimming through these.

Wilson employs the Suminagashi marbling technique for her mono-prints whereby ink is floated onto the surface of water and gently fanned into flowing or jagged shapes. Then, these patterns are captured by laying paper onto the water, before lifting it off to reveal the marbled print. For the print editions, the water is represented by relief printing .

The hand-coloured linocut Koi, are selected and positioned meticulously, with consideration to the individual flow patterns found within the composition. Sometimes gold leaf is added to their scales. Lastly, the Gingko leaves or Maple seeds are placed where they may emphasise the direction of movement, or highlight the tiny rotating eddies left by the flick of a tail.

These prints form part of a new series of work shown here for the first time.

Wilson currently divides her time between printmaking, and teaching at Central Saint Martins.

Wilson has exhibited her work in the US, UK, Brazil, and Spain and her work is held in public and private collections in the US, UK, Brazil, Spain and France.