At Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair the hard work’s been done for you.

Leading specialist galleries, renowned international names, and a curated exhibition of over 350 individual artists, rigorously selected by a panel of industry experts, means you can’t buy bad.

See below for some tips on getting started.

  • Why Buy Prints

    Print is a great way to learn about artistic process, discover new artists, develop personal tastes and build confidence in contemporary art buying. It can also be a shrewd investment.

    Because there is often more than one ‘impression’ of any one printed image, it is inevitable that it is often easier to find - and afford - an original print than an oil or watercolour by a certain artist. The price will depend on the quality and the date of the printing. The nature of editioning can mean you are able to introduce original works by some of the worlds top artists at a fraction of the cost.

    Whether for decorative or investment purposes, the nature of original print often being more accessible in terms of price, gives anybody the opportunity to build a considered and refined portfolio.

  • How to Start A Collection

    How to Start A Collection

    The pleasure of collecting contemporary prints lies in the engagement with living, working artists and the relationship with the art-form itself.


    Whether for investment of decor, enjoy it. Collecting art is a reflection of your personality & interests. Its primary function is for your enjoyment and consideration.


    The majority of first-time art purchases are from gut instinct. Start here!

    You might then like to consider the choices around this primary purchase. Could it inform a more methodical approach or strategy with a particular focus? i.e. colours, types of print, certain artists, subjects, genres, or simply how it integrates into your home, office or lifestyle.


    Know what you are collecting so you can confidently talk about your personal tastes, art choices, the particular print medium, or how it fits in to contemporary art discussion. See our ABOUT PRINT page for detailed info.

    What is your budget? Buy the best you can afford!!

    Collecting work from emerging artists can be an exciting opportunity to invest early, follow their career, discover work from their peers and develop your portfolio niche by experimenting with different artists, styles & genres.

    Original print is a great way of introducing big-name artists to your collection. While purchasing painting or sculptural works from internationally renowned artists can reach into the millions, in comparison you can collect original print by the same artists for surprisingly little.

    WCPF operates a 0%APR loan scheme for the purchase of original contemporary art up to £25,000 through OWNART