Studio Mirabeau Wine Tasting : 19.00 - 20.00 | The Online Edition

November 25, 2021
Free, sign-up required

Step into Studio Mirabeau! Join Mirabeau co-founder, Jeany Cronk, and WCPF Directors, Jack Bullen & Lizzie Glendinning, for a wine tasting as they talk through the curation of the Mirabeau collection, and their on-going efforts to support the arts.

Make sure you've got your glass at the ready so you can make the most of Jeany’s tasting notes. Mirabeau has created a special bundle which has everything you need, available to buy here which you can get a 15% discount code for when you sign up. Alternatively, the items are available from Waitrose:

With the exciting news of Jack & Lizzie’s baby due any day now, this is a pre-recorded event. However access is limited - so make sure you sign up fast!


This event is part of WCPF's The Online Edition. Limited tickets available, please get your free ticket here.