• About Print, Don’t know your arse from your etching?

    About Print

    Don’t know your arse from your etching?

    'Printmaking' is a broad term that encapsulates a number of techniques and processes, from etchings to monotype to screen-printing, in which the artist makes images from a master or 'matrix'. Prints can be classified according to the type of surface used to make them.


    An original print is an original work of art, conceived by the artist as such, either as part of an edition, or multiple, or as a mono, or one-off, piece.


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    Print is a great way to learn about artistic process, discover new artists, and experiment with your tastes and confidence. It can also be a shrewd investment.

    Because there is often more than one ‘impression’ of any one printed image, it is inevitable that it is often easier to find - and afford - an original print than an oil or watercolour by a certain artist. The price will depend on the quality and the date of the printing. The nature of editioning can mean you are able to introduce original works by some of the worlds top artists at a fraction of the cost.


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